Mother Earth

The earth is diverse, sometimes unforgiving, yet abundant in love. 

Earth works with sun, moon and sky. Together, they provide for all life. The stars help, too. Some of their older creations are air, fire and water. We have always given thanks to these sacred and powerful elements, because without them, there would be no life. They provide food and homes for our nations, for our animal relatives, and for the plant people. Acknowledging this, we have always prayed, offered thanks, and shown respect to the earth and the elements. It is nothing mystical, it is practical.

Some have tried to conquer the earth and her elements, but she has proven time and time again that this is impossible. As natural world people, part of our himdag (way of life) is to protect what is sacred. We must always continue to teach this worldview to our youth, because it is our himdag that has brought us this far along with our mother earth. 

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