First Nations Native American Community

photography and consulting for first nations, tribal communities and tribally owned businesses

Thosh collins photographer understand that First nations, native american tribal communities and tribally owned businesses are unique entities with needs that require a very specific sense of understanding. It is part of Thosh Collins's mission statement to provide those communities with a service that will bring their vision to life in a way that is not only AESTHETICALLY pleasing, but in a way that maintains integrity to traditional values. 


Photography services and consulting offered for First Nations/Tribal Communities and Native owned businesses 

  • Language Preservation Through Photography
  • Health & Wellness Photo Campaigns 
  • Tribal & Band Council portraits
  • Annual Reports – Tribal/Corporate/Non-Profit 
  • Culturally Specific Stock Image Production 
  • Culturally Specific Documentation 
  • Historic Occasions  
  • Native Youth Empowerment Photography Consulting / Workshop
  • Tribal Employee Photo Training & Consulting